April 26, 2018
Greetings Monadnock Rotarians
On April 24, Bill had Opening Words. We welcomed Dublin resident Pat Donnelly as our guest for the meeting. In lieu of a Hat story, the Club officially welcomed Pegg Monahan and Harry Wolhandler as members. Pegg and Harry have been attending our meetings for several months as guests and it is a pleasure to have them on our official club roster.
Announcements included the following:
  • On May 1, Bob Meissner has Opening Words and Kevin has the “Hat”
  • We hope to make a final recommendation on the status of the Wellness Festival 2018 at the May 1 meeting.
  • Our May 8 meeting will be held at the Dublin Community Center due to preparations for the spring rummage sale at the Church.
  • Roadside cleanup is scheduled for the morning of May 12. Invite your friends…it’s a great way to introduce folks to the Club.
  • Our June 12 meeting will be held in the evening at the Community Center. This will be an opportunity for socializing and highlighting our club projects. This is another great opportunity to invite prospective members and friends. Light snacks will be provided and beverages are BYOB.
  • The “Pass the Gavel” party is scheduled for June 26 at the MacDowell Dam.
Bob Meissner introduced our speaker, Jim Hall. Jim is a Physical Therapist at Cheshire Medical Center and an Adjunct Professor at Franklin Pierce University. Jim gave a brief overview of how the Physical Therapy profession has been adapting to increases in patient caseloads and the level of responsibility for therapy being assumed by PTs. Jim has a doctorate in his field and the program at FPU graduates doctoral candidates.
Another reason for greater educational expectations for PTs is the realization that patients are not usually best served by surgery or pain medication. The key to successful treatment for back injuries is exercise to strengthen supporting muscles and promote flexibility. Low back pain is the leading disability resulting in loss of work time in the world. Patients receiving surgery for a back injury have a 70% chance of undergoing additional surgeries. Treatment for back pain is a $75 billion industry and is a leading cause of permanent disability and chronic depression. Most back injuries are the result of the spine not properly aligned to counter gravity. Muscle and bone deterioration can begin as early as 35 years of age. Women are more prone to back issues with 80% experiencing pain during their lifetimes. Osteoporosis due to hormone imbalances can lead to compression fractures. Curvature of the spine or scoliosis is another back disease that is more prevalent in women. As with other back ailments, exercise, stretching and joint manipulation can help alleviate the symptoms.
Americans need to be more active. Desk jobs, travel and couch surfing contribute to back issues. New studies have shown that opioid based medications are not effective in alleviating pain after six months of regular use. Jim believes patients must “own” the problem. Most back issues can be addressed when patients work cooperatively with their Physical Therapists to follow recommended exercise plans.
On April 25, the Executive Committee met at the Dublin General Store. Items discussed included:
  • Speaker assignments have been going well thanks to Bob Meissners’s help. Speaker assignment options for next year were discussed to make the process smoother. Should we consider having a Program Director?
  • Sponsorships for the Wellness Festival were discussed. We will need financial support from the community prior to undertaking the Festival next fall.
  • The Club will not meet on May 29 in observance of Memorial Day.
  • A brief discussion on committee assignments will be held at the next meeting.
  • Dale reported that we will end the year with a small budget surplus.
  • Dale also reported on district plans to chronicle service done by Rotarians for their local communities during the 2018-19 Rotary year. More information will be forthcoming.
  • Jerry is moving ahead with plans for the birdhouse project at DCS. See Jerry for more details.
  • The next meeting of the Executive Committee is scheduled for May 23.
See you Tuesday!