Posted on Jan 16, 2019
Vance Finch Gave the Opening Words.
Deal Gabel gave the Hat Story about his experience in the Coast Guard when a young visitor aboard the ship he was assigned thought the engine order telegraph wheel was as a device for amusement.
  1.  The Opioid Run committee is scheduled to present an assessment to the club at the January 22nd meeting  to determine if the level of  financial support is sufficient to hold the event in the Spring of this year.
  2. Bill Gurney reports that Ryla planning is proceeding as planned.
  3. 2019 Rotary District Meeting will be held on May 3-5 in Danvers, MA.
Tony DalPra, Program Director for the Phoenix House in Dublin,  gave a compelling and relevant presentation about his battle with substance abuse as well as the needs, struggles, problems, and successes of  Phoenix House in the seemingly never ending  fight  against addiction in New Hampshire and the US.  Demand for treatment is high and resources are limited. It was a sobering talk.
For tomorrow’s meeting :
Opening Words:  Bill Gurney
Hat Story:  Pegg Monohan
Speaker Assignments for January:
Dale Gabel, Rob Harris
Speaker for tomorrow’s meeting:
Rick Van Wickler, Superintendent ,  "What is corrections, really"? - perspective of Cheshire County Dept. of Corrections Superintendent
I hope to you see you tomorrow's morning.
Jim Guy