February 17, 2018
Greetings Monadnock Rotarians!
I hope you are enjoying this beautiful day before another storm drops some snow tomorrow. We had an informative meeting last Tuesday. Dublin resident Paul Cooper was our guest and came to hear our speaker’s presentation on elder law. He had heard about our meeting from the article submitted to The Advocate by Bob Meissner. Wendy offered Opening Words and the Hat time was used to discuss a suggestion offered during our last Club Assembly to give our speakers locally sourced maple syrup rather than the traditional box of chocolates. A container was selected and ten weeks of syrup have been ordered.
A discussion was held regarding waiving RYLA fees for local Interact students. The sense of the meeting was to offer to split the cost with our Peterborough cousins.
Susan R. Abert, Esq. was our speaker. She is a member of the Norton & Albert, P.C. law firm located in Keene. She has chosen to devote her professional practice to elderly law. Her topics covered estate planning, changes in trust law and, guardianships. Ms. Abert gave a review of the Uniform Durable Power of Attorney Act that went into law on January 1, 2018. Greater authority now rests with people designated to make decisions on an elderly person’s behalf. Power of Attorney documents drawn up prior to the new year are still in effect but it is important to consult with your attorney to ensure your wishes will be honored. She noted the importance of making decisions clear for people (Agents) designated to help the elderly. Susan also highlighted the Uniform Fiduciary Act that will allow a person’s assigned agent to alter beneficiaries in one’s will. Ms. Albert also recommended establishing a bank account so your agent is able to draw funds for after death expenses such as funerals.
On February 20, Bob V.has Opening Words and Chuck Simpson has “The Hat”. Our speaker is scheduled to be Nate Morison.
On February 27, Bob M. has Opening Words and Kevin has “The Hat”. The scheduled speaker will be Becky Sakellarion.
See you Tuesday!