Posted by Guy
Good Morning Rotarians.
Here are the March 12th meeting notes.
Harry Wohlhandler gave the opening words.
Bob Vecchiotti gave the Hat story and  he presented  interesting facts about the St. Louis Arch.
  1. It was announced that Jim Fearnside has resigned from the club because he and his wife Joyce have  purchased a home in Arizona, and he felt that being a part time member would not be in the best interest of the club.  We acknowledge Jim’s many contributions to the MRC over the last few years and hope that he will be  visit when in NH.
  2. Bill Gurney reported that additional RYLA applications have been received and we are expecting at least 20 participants for the event on Saturday March 23rd.  After tomorrow’s meeting there will be a short meeting for RYLA volunteers.
  3. Continued Awareness Run discussion and planning will take place at the April 16th assembly meeting.
  4. We will have a brief discussion about implementing suggestions made during March 5th  the membership presentation at the next assembly meeting on April 16th.
  5. 2019 Rotary District Meeting will be held in Danvers, MA May 3-5th.
Harry Wolhandler led a discussion with the membership about the Awareness Run.  Each member had the opportunity to provide input on ideas, expectations, goals, and objectives of the event.  The discussion was lively and useful.
For tomorrow’s meeting.
Opening Words:  Pegg Monohan
Hat story:  Jerry Branch
The speaker for tomorrow’s meeting is Ed Walker, Fire Chief, Peterborough Fire & Rescue.  He will be giving an overview of today's Fire & Rescue mission in the Eastern Monadnock region