Good Morning Rotarians,
Here are the meeting notes for the  May7th evening meeting held at the Dublin Community Center.
Opening Words              Kevin McElhinney
Hat Story                       Rick MacMillan
  1. Roadside pick up on May 11th.  May 18th Rain date.
  2. Gavel Night will be on June 25th at MacDowell Lake.
  3. Assembly meetings on May 14th and June 11th  .  
  4. Bird Houses Nicole Pease .
The speaker was Eric Masterson who works at the Harris Center in Hancock, NH.  He gave a presentation about his work with the Broad Winged Hawk.  He told of of the migration patterns of the Hawk and his attempt to follow their migration path  on bicycle through the US and Central America.
Tommorow’s meeting:
Opening Words:  Dale Gabel
Hat Story:  Rob Harris
No speaker this week. Assembly meeting.