Good Morning Rotarians.
Here are the notes for last week’s meeting.
Jim Fearnside gave the opening words.
Jim Guy gave the Hat story about the experience of attending a baseball game in Japan and how it compares to the game in the US.
  1. Bill Gurney has started the planning process for next year’s RYLA event .  He is asking for volunteers to help out on March  23rd.  Please contact Bill if you are able to assist.
  2. The rotary District Gala is this Thursday (November 15th).  Dale Gabel and I will be attending.  If anyone wishes go, there is an opportunity to carpool.  Please register on the district 7870 website and contact Dale if you would like to carpool.
  3. The MRC Christmas party will be held on December 11th at the Dublin Community Center.
The speaker was Kevin Moody, President of the Dublin Christian Academy.  Kevin gave a presentation of the history and objectives of the Academy.  F. Nelson Blount started the academy in the 1964 after recruiting Kevin’s father from Florida to help with the Academy’s establishment.  The DCA typically recruits students from the surrounding area but does have dormitories for foreign students and students that are not able to commute.  The school has a vigorous academic program taught in a Christian environment. The majority of graduates pursue a college education.
Tuesdays meeting:
Opening Words:  Pegg Monohan
Hat Story:        Bob Meissner
Speaker:  Shelley Goguen-Hulbert, Executive Director  & Grant Butler, Facilities Director Camp Glen Brook. Topic: Look at the rich 70+ yr. history of Marlborough’s Camp Glen Brook.
See you on tomorrow!