Posted on Jan 14, 2019
Good Morning Rotarians,
Please note that there will not be a meeting tomorrow morning (November 20th)  because of the Thanksgiving Holiday this week.  Our next meeting, on November 27th, will be an assembly meeting where we will discuss the fundraising opportunities that have been presented to the club.
The November 13th meeting notes are as follows:
Pegg Monohan gave the opening words.
Bob Meisner gave the Hat story about how his dog was dognapped and sold by his neighbor,when Bob was living  in Costa Rica. Getting the dog back proved to be a bit awkward.
  1. As noted above the November 27th meeting will be an assembly meeting.
  2. The Rotary District Gala was held in Nashua on November 15th.  Dale Gable and I attended.
  3. It appears we have enough volunteers for the for the March 23rd RYLA event.
  4. The next Executive meeting will be at 7:30AM on November 28th at the Dublin General Store.
  5. The Christmas Party will be held at the Dublin Community Center on December 11th.
Our speakers were Shelley Goguen-Hulbert, Executive Director  & Grant Butler, Facilities Director Camp Glen Brook. Glen Brook has been in existence since 1946 and is affiliated with the Association of Waldorf Schools.  Glen Brook provides opportunities to inner city youth to experience the NH countryside by providing camping facilities and activities. The age group that generally attends the camp is 9-14 years old.  A large percentage of the food served at the camp is raised by the attendees.
For the November 27th meeting:
Opening Words – Tom Warren
Hat Story, - Jerry Branch
I hope everyone has an enjoyable Thanksgiving.