Happy Rotary Week Rotarians!
The evening meeting tomorrow is shaping up nicely.  Thanks to Bob Vecchiotti  for his excellent job of planning and coordination.  The event will be held as a regular meeting, without the Hat story or Speaker, however the normal meeting agenda will be followed.
Instead of the Hat story and Speaker presentation,  I will present a brief history of Rotary International, including how the organization was established, past accomplishments, ideals, future goals, as well as a list of club activities and accomplishments.  Bob Schuman of the Jaffery Rindge Club, and Bob MacDonald of the Peterborough Club are planning to attend.  I will ask them to briefly describe activities that their respective clubs are involved.  Each member should be ready to comment their past and current Rotary activities.
The primary goal for the meeting is to attract new members so please invite as many of your friends, acquaintances, town officials, and colleagues as you can.   
Please bring beer or wine to the event for yourself and guests.
To recap October 16th meeting:
Jim Guy gave the opening words.
There was no Hat story given.
The speaker was George Sterling of the Windy Row Learning Center who gave a interesting presentation about Windy Row’s effort to identify and  treat children who are dyslexic.  George described the symptoms and traits of people who have dyslexia and how they are helped to overcome their difficulties.  Dyslexia is a learning difficulty and not a disease.  There are many successful and highly functional people who have dyslexia.
Be prepared for tomorrow evening’s meeting!
Thanks and regards,
Jim Guy