Hello Rotarians,
Here are the notes from last Tuesday’s meeting.
Bill Gurney gave the opening words.
Kevin McElhinney gave the Hat Story about how he stood in the rain for several hours to do a story on the Pope as a reporter for his college radio station.  He recorded his report on a portable tape device that got soaked while he was waiting for several hours in the rain and would not play when he returned to the station.  A colleague suggested drying the with an electric hair dryer and the report was saved.
A site needs to be found for the October 16th meeting because the church is unavailable because the rummage sale, and the Community Center is booked for that morning.  Bob Meissner will ask the Dublin School if they have space available.
Wendy White has resigned from the club because she will be staying in Rome to help care for her newly arrived granddaughter.   We hope she will rejoin when she returns.
Bob Vecchiotti gave an update on the progress of the October 23rd  meeting (happening during Rotary Week) which will be in the evening.  Everyone in the club needs to invite and bring at least one guest to the meeting.  The event will be run as a regular meeting and the goal is to find prospective members.
Bob Meissner gave an update on the Opioid Run fund raiser.  Bob reported that he has identified several potential sponsors and partners for the project.  The numerous accounts of the opioid epidemic in the media suggest that there will be significant interest in this initiative.
Jim Fearnside and Harry Wolhandler gave a detailed presentation of their trip to Portland to investigate if windowdressers.org could be used as a fund raising vehicle for the club.  Windowdressers.org is local to Maine and builds wood frame window inserts to decrease heat loss and thereby reducing energy waste and carbon emissions.  Jim and Harry felt that windowdressers.org could be used as a means to raise funds, however the club would need to partner with other local organizations to make it work, as the task would be too large for our club to implement on its own.  The next step is to decide if the club is willing to expend the effort to make it work.  Jim and Harry’s presentation is attached.
Opening Words will be given by Dale Gabel.
The Hat Story will be given by Rick MacMillan.
Our Speaker this week will be Volkert Voltersz, Program Coordinator, Dublin Community Center (DubHub) Topic: A review of Volkert’s first year at the DubHub and outlook for 2019.