Good Morning Rotarians,
First and foremost, please note that Tuesday’s morning meeting will be held in the basement of Dublin Town Hall.  The entrance is located at the back of building, accessible from the parking lot.
Please make an effort to invite and bring guests to the evening meeting next week at the Dublin Community Center (October 23rd at 5:30 PM). We are having this meeting in conjunction with Rotary week (October 21-18).  This will an excellent opportunity to attract new members.
Notes from last week’s meeting.
Dale Gabel gave the opening words.
Rick MacMillan gave the Hat story about his encounter with pests that had had nested in the interior of his swimming pool and how he used his propane blowtorch as a pest removal tool with a not so pleasant outcome.
Lists for Speaker assignment, The Hat, Opening Words, and School Speaker program were circulated last meeting, but it appears that all of the lists did not circulate through the meeting room.  I will circulate the lists again at tomorrow’s meeting.
Our Speaker was Volkert Volkersz who is the Program Coordinator at the Dublin Community Center.  Volkert gave us an overview of the progress that the Community Center has achieved since he became Program Coordinator one year ago.  The Community Center has become   more active in providing a space for community based activities such as Yoga,  art exhibits, as well as a place for learning for children who have an interest in computer coding.    The Center is also a convenient place for functions for organizations and individuals who need a convenient place to meet between Keene and Peterborogh. 
For tomorrow’s meeting:
Tom Blodgett has the opening words.
Jim Fearnside has the Hat.
Our speaker will be George Sterling The Windy Row Learning Center  Board Treasurer.  Windy Row is an organization that helps  students who have dyslexia.