Good Morning.
Last Tuesday we had our 2nd evening meeting which was in conjunction with Rotary Week.   The main purpose of the meeting was to attract new members by giving information about how Rotary provides humanitarian services on  International, National, and local levels.  The meeting attendance was lower than we anticipated, but we have identified 2-3 new prospective members.
I want to thank Bob Vecchiotti again for his superb job of organizing the event, as well as Bob Schumann and Bob MacDonald for highlighting the activities of their Rotary clubs. Thanks to the members of the MRC who helped with setup and those who contributed to the dialogue during the course of the meeting.
Tomorrow’s meeting will feature Roy Schlieben of Maker Space in Peterborough.
Harry Wolhandler has opening words.
Bill Gurney has the Hat Story this week.
See you tomorrow morning.
Jim Guy