Posted by Jim Guy on Oct 01, 2018
Jim Guy gave the opening words.
Dale Gabel gave the hat story in which he described what he was doing and his observations during  his commute into Washington DC on the morning of the 9/11 attacks.
Venu Rao, District Governor for Rotary will be our guest at the September 25th meeting.
Jim Fearnside and Harry Wohlander will be travelling to Portland Maine to on September 21st to investigate the possibility of using as a fund raising opportunity. Anyone wishing to attend the event should coordinate with Jim.
Rotary week will be October 22 – 28.   It will be an opportune time to have an evening meeting on October 23rd at the Dublin Community Center.
Bob Vecchiotti has volunteered to oversee promotional activities for Rotary Week.
Our speaker was Mary Drew, the founder and CEO of Reality Check in Jaffery, NH.  Reality Check is an organization whose mission is to help reduce alcohol and drug use, addiction, and overdose and help those with addiction problems find assistance.  Mary told us her own story of recovery and how it led to the establishment of Reality Check as well as the difficulties facing NH communities from the exploitation of big Phrma to state and federal funding for addiction and recovery.
September 18 meeting:
Opening Words:  Peg Monahan
Hat:  Rick McMillan
Speaker:  Tyler Sweeney of the Concord Coalition.  The CC have striven to maintain a nonpartisan approach to fiscal policy. A true grassroots effort, for the past 26 years they have educated fellow citizens on the reality of our fiscal outlook, and advocated for responsible fiscal policy. By talking with people about the causes and consequences of rising deficits their hope is that voters carry that message   to educate their friends, family and representatives.