May 03, 2022 7:30 AM
Betsy Small
Creating Friendships for Peace

On Tuesday, May 3rd, Betsy Small Campbell will introduce the story of Creating Friendships for Peace CFP), a 501C-3 that first began hosting Northern Ireland teen pairs from opposing sides of the conflict for month-long summer homestays in the U.S. under the name Children's Friendship Program of Northern Ireland (CFPNI)

Since 1987, the organization has hosted 2000 teens from Northern Ireland. In 2009, CFP, under the new name--Cyprus Friendship Program) began hosting teens on the divided island of Cyprus (Turkish-speaking Cypriots in the North and Greek-speaking Cypriots in the South). To date, we’ve graduated over 1000 teens. Two years ago, following a successful two-year pilot with Jerusalem Peace Builders (before Covid), CPF broadened the scope of its mission, hence a third name change:  Creating Friendships for Peace.

2022 marks our first year of our official program in Israel/Palestine.

Betsy is the incoming 2023 executive director and current U.S. Cyprus coordinator.She recently returned from Cyprus and Israel/Palestine. She'll discuss the organization's current vision, how this all volunteer effort can change lives and how Rotarians can become involved in our efforts.