Good morning Rotarians.
Here are the meeting note for the April 2nd.
Bill Gurney gave the opening words.
Jim Guy gave the Hat story about experiencing 2 earthquakes and a hurricane in 2012. One earthquake while in a high-rise hotel in Tokyo.
  1. Awareness Run discussion at April 16th assembly meeting.
  2. Evening Meeting  May 7th.
  3. Rotary District meeting in Danvers May 3rd-5th.
  4. Roadside clean up on May 11th.  May 18th rain date.
Our speaker was Brett Ann Thelan from the Harris Conservation Center who gave an interesting presentation about her experiences as head of the citizen volunteer program that collects data about the Spring amphibian migration which include salamanders, frogs, and turtles as well as efforts to protect the creatures during the migration.
For tomorrow’s meeting:
Opening Words:  Jim Guy
Hat Story:  Harry Wolhandler
Our Speaker will be Phil Gargan, a former  Zimbabwe Rotarian.  He will share his story of the long process of immigration and obtaining US citizenship.