Good morning Rotarians.
Here are the meeting notes for April 9th.
Jim Guy gave the opening words.
Harry Wohlhandler gave the Hat story about his early experiences and observations about the internet back in the 1990’s when it was in its early stages of commercialization.
  1. Awareness Run discussion will be continued  at the April 16th assembly meeting.
  2. Evening Meeting May 7th.
  3. District meeting in Danvers, MA, May 3rd-5th.
  4. Roadside pick up on May 11th.  May 18th Rain date.
  5. Gavel Night will be on June 25th at McDowell Lake.
Our Speaker was Phil Gargan, a former Zimbabwe Rotarian and resident of Harrisville, NH.  He  shared his story of the long process of immigration from  from Zimbabwe to the United States for him and his wife, as well as their experience in obtaining US citizenship.  An interesting story.
Tuesday’s meeting will be a continuation of  discussions to develop details for the Awareness run fund raising event, to be led by Harry Wohlhandler.  Please make an effort to attend.
Jerry Branch will say a few words about membership.
Opening words: Rick MacMillan
No Hat story for the meeting.
No Speaker is scheduled.
See you in the morning.
Best regards,
Jim Guy