Posted by James Guy on Aug 13, 2018
Good morning Rotarians,
We had a great meeting last Tuesday.
Vance Finch gave the opening words and Bob Veccchioti gave the had story about his primary school experience in in New York.
  1.  Donations for Brantwood camp need to be given now.  The luncheon at Brantwood is August 13th.  Remember the Club will match notation up to $250.00.
  2. District Golf Tournament August 18 at the  Keene Country Club
  3. Tickets for Peterborough Players The Drowsy Chaperone are available through Don Upton.
We had the pleasure of hosting Balmeet Kalhsa, Christine Robidoux and a group of young adults from the Cyprus Friendship Program, at our meeting. The Greek and Turkish Cypriots have been coming together to meet and build relationships and leadership skills, through the program in hopes that they will be able to build a generation that has a better understanding between people on the island.  As part of that program, they spend several weeks in the United States – including the Monadnock region – with host families.  Christina and Barack were gracious enough to tell the group stories about how the program changed their views and understanding of the relationship between the Greeks and Turks, as well as how to bridge differences through meeting others and developing friendships.  Like in so many cases in the world today , the younger generation are not accepting the old beliefs and stereotypes passed on by their elders.  These young individuals were inspiring and give us hope for a more accepting and peaceful world.
Our Speaker for Tuesday will be Mark Fernald,. lawyer and local activist in Peterborough.  He is a long-time resident of Peterborough where he practices law.  His topic will be about the essential functions of the NH state government, and how we pay for them.   
For Tuesday’s meeting:
Opening Words – John Goodue            
Hat Story – Harry Wolhandler
See you tomorrow!