Bob Vecchiotti opened our meeting and announced that Jim Guy is on vacation for the next two weeks.
Vance Finch announced that the FACTS program has been requested by Dublin Consolidated School and Dublin Christian Academy. The program portfolios have been prepared but we need volunteers to do the presentations. Contact Vance for more information.
Bill Gurney announced that a few applications for RYLA have been received. Deadline for applications is February 25. Next meeting of the committee will be February 12 after the Club meeting to discuss goals for the day and member assignments for March 23.
Bob Meissner passed out printed copies of his presentation then began his slide show version on the Drug and Alcohol Misuse Awareness Run being proposed for the April 27, 2019. Bob reported
  • Bob estimated revenues for the event $6,900 and expenses/charitable donations of $6,400.
  • A $100. check has been received from one sponsor and others have made commitments.
  • A raffle would also be conducted to raise additional funds.
  • There have already been a few requests for donations from local charities.
  • Bob estimated total member time commitment of 160 hours for the planning of the event and 6 hours per member for the day of the event.
Discussion followed the presentation. Vance asked if the Club is in a position to cover any shortfall in the proceeds. Bob responded that he is confident that sponsorships, ticket sales and the raffle would cover our expense.
Bob Vecchiotti asked if cancelling the event would adversely affect our reputation. Bob and others felt the need to cancel in a timely manner due to lack of funds would be understood by the community.
Jerry Branch asked if there would be sufficient interest amongst local runners to participate in the event given that the annual race in Dublin was cancelled a few years ago due to poor participation. Bob believes there is continued interest in the greater Monadnock community for 5K races.
Bill Gurney asked if a “drop dead” date has been determined when the event would be cancelled if the Club had not raised sufficient funds to cover costs and charitable donations. At present, a date has not been set.
Dale made a motion which was seconded to call a vote on the proposal. The vote was 4 in favor, 4 opposed and 2 abstentions. Therefore, the motion failed. After a brief discussion, it was agreed that another vote would be taken on February 12 to determine the fate of the race. It was hoped that more Club members would be present for the final vote and that some additional information on finances would be available.
Respectfully submitted,
Bob Vecchiotti