Posted by Jim Guy on Oct 01, 2018
 Good Morning Rotarians.
Here the meeting notes from last Tuesday’s meeting.
Jim Guy gave the opening words.
Bob Meisner gave the Hat story about his experience in Costa Rica about business party at his home went horribly awry.
  1. The October 2nd meeting will be an assembly meeting.
  2.  The October 23rd meeting will be held at the Dublin Community Center in conjunction with Rotary Week.
  3. Venu Roa, our Rotary District Governor will be our guest at this week’s meeting.
Tyler Sweeny, the NH state director for the Concord Coalition, which is an organization started by Warren Rudman and Paul Tsongas that focuses on making citizens aware of the problems with the national debt so that citizens can be informed and take action to elect representatives that will deal with the ever increasing debt.  The focus of the talk was what  causes of the debt, what the US current debt position is and why it is unsustainable.  Tyler is a recent college graduate and in his mid-twenties.  He is motivated by his concern as how the crushing debt will affect his and future generations.  A very sobering presentation.
This week Jerry Branch has the opening words.
Vance Finch has the Hat.
See you tomorrow.