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What Communities Can Do

Recovery is Possible – We Should Celebrate Recovery

Society should celebrate that folks can recover, are in recovery, and do recover. Pathways in the brain may be interrupted and fundamentally changed, but people can recover the ability to make decisions that are in their own best interests.
Recovery takes time, support and courage to build a new life. It will also take the community to help these people find their way back into society – jobs, places to live, counseling, encouragement and support. Recovery is being back in the community, getting back to work.
Recovery is beautiful, positive step. We celebrate people in recovery that have made it this far, and we welcome them back into society.

We Need to Destigmatize Talking About Substance Use Disorder

People in recovery should be able to speak out! There are 27 million people in recovery at this point, but few are openly willing to talk about it.
As mainstream members of the community we can contribute to making it easier and more welcoming for those in recovery to re-enter the mainstream and get back on track:
  • Schools can be less restrictive and punitive to substance misusers, more open to delivering non-judgmental supportive assistance.
  • Businesses must be open to supporting people in recovery, both in their workforce and in hiring potential employees. Staff can educate themselves about strategies that help people in recovery succeed.
  • Youth & parents, grandparents, uncles, friends can be guardian angels, helping those with problems to get help.
  • Media can help change public perceptions of addiction as people in need to help and support, not arrest and jail.

Members of the public can contribute in several ways…

  • Advocate with your senators and representatives to fund community recovery resources
  • Celebrate and thank those working to recover and working in the recovery field
  • Provide non-judgmental support for those in recovery – encouragement and support, not discrimination, marginalization and fear
  • Social connection is the opposite of addiction – much drug-seeking behavior is part of wanting to be included, to avoid pain.
For more info: contact MRC president Pegg Monahan (, 603-852-8166), Event Chair Harry Wolhandler (, 603-852-8166), or the Rotarian who contacted you.

CWR Sponsors
    All Saints Church, Peterborough NH     
All Saints Church, Peterborough