Speaker Guidelines and Scheduling
 Suggested GMRC Speaker Guidelines and Scheduling
The purpose of this memo is to organize, simplify and inform the club’s key speaker components.
  1. Speaker acquisition
    1. Each member will be assigned speaker responsibility (sponsor) for a specific meeting date. The assignments for 2022–2023 are given based on the alphabetical listing by last name of the GMRC membership list.
    2. The assignment list can be accessed by Clicking HERE
    3. Each member will be sent a reminder 4 weeks in advance of their assignment.
    4. Members are free to swap assignment dates with other members, however, all arrangements must be made between members.
    5. If any dates are swapped, please notify Jim Guy (jamesaguy@myfairpoint.net) or Tom Westheimer (tom@westheimers.net) immediately of any changes.
  2. Information needed from the speaker’s sponsor
    1. When a speaker is scheduled, please provide Jim Guy or Tom Westheimer the name, email address, short bio of the speaker, and topic of the presentation so that this information can be included in the weekly meeting announcement and posted on the website.
    2. The speaker will be sent a copy of the Speaker’s Guidelines that can be accessed Click HERE
  3. Sponsor’s responsibilities
    1. To ensure that a speaker has been acquired for the member’s assigned date.
    2. To make sure that the speaker has access to the Speaker’s Guidelines document.
    3. To make sure that speaker has information for meeting, either for Zoom or physical location of the meeting.
    4. To provide opening words or a thought for the day.