Sunday, October 16
12:30 to 3:30 pm

Putnam Park, Peterborough, NH

Grand Monadnock Rotary Club  sponsored its fourth annual Community Recovery Fair and Community Walk for Recovery.
Join us and help destigmatize the ways communities think about Substance Use Disorder, viewing SUD as the disease it is, not simply a criminal justice problem.
The public should know that recovery from Substance Use Disorders (SUD) is possible and happens all the time. In fact, 10% of the public reports having had substance misuse issues in the past that they have overcome to rejoin the mainstream as fruitful members of society. Nearly as many still suffer from SUD, an illness of the body, mind and soul that can be treated with care and support.
This year’s focus was “Reach Out and Help Someone!”. Our three keynote speakers advised people on how they could approach others with Substance Use Disorders in effective and supportive ways:
The first speaker, Sarah Desaulniers from Reality Check, is a specialist in prevention and recovery that works in the schools and will talk about how parents can work with their teens and young adults.
The second speaker, Megan Zehr from Keene Serenity Center, is a professional recovery coach and also works with people with addictions in the jails.
The third speaker, Anena Hansen with Reality Check, directs programs for workplace support for staff with SUD to help people with problems while still in the workplace. In addition to the speakers, ten regional agencies involved in all stages of recovery from intake and direction to counseling to ongoing support and reintegration of people in recovery were on hand to meet the public, answer questions about recovery support in the Monadnock Region, and offer advice for appropriate levels of service for those suffering from Substance Use Disorders.
 join us or consider making an online donation to the Grand Monadnock Rotary Charitable Fund at to support this effort.
On behalf of the Grand Monadnock Rotary, thanks!

Meet with the Leading Regional Agencies in Prevention, Treatment & Recovery

Professionals in SUD prevention and recovery will be on hand to meet with you to answer questions and connect you to resources for yourself and those you care about.
Agencies in Putnam Park include:
  • The Doorway in Keene, the first stop for those seeking help in their personal fight with SUD
  • Be The Change encouraging our region to grow healthier lives
  • Reality Check in Jaffrey, regional leaders in substance misuse prevention, treatment and recovery in schools, workplaces and the community, source of training programs for LADC and Recovery Coaches and support programs, offering Recovery Coaching, groups and referrals to appropriate regional resources.
  • Keene Serenity Center, a supportive community with many services to support people in recovery including recovery coaches, community meals and group services
  • Avenue Recovery in Dublin, residential treatment for people with severe SUD looking to take first steps toward recovery
  • Better Life Partners, providing medication-supported treatment services and counseling through regional partners like Reality Check and Keene Serenity Center
  • Monadnock Family Services in Keene and Peterborough, offering treatment and counseling for those in recovery
  • MAPS Counseling Services in Keene and Peterborough, offering counseling for those in recovery
  • NH Works, a state-supported program that opens doors to employment and self-sufficiency to people in recovery.

Watch these Messages to the Community from the Recovery Community

Click to learn more about things the community should know about addiction and how to support recovery from SUD: 
[Video of 2020 Community Recovery Fair by Reality Check]

Come Celebrate that People Can and Do Recover from SUD!

Help the 1 in 10 members of our community with SUD. Suggested donation: $10 and up. Nobody turned away.
The 4th annual Community Walk For Recovery and Recovery Fair was sponsored by Grand Monadnock Rotary. In 2021 Grand Monadnock Rotary contributed $5,000 toward regional prevention and recovery efforts.
Click to make a tax-deductible donation for prevention and recovery to Grand Monadnock Rotary Charitable Fund.

Help Spread the Word

Click the image to download a printable 8 1/2" x 11" Walk For Recovery poster and post in your workplace, local stores and in your neighborhood. Invite your friends to visit and learn more about the Walk!
See you there.
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