Good Morning Rotarians.
Here are the notes from the March 5th meeting.
Kevin McElhinney gave the opening words.
  1. There will be an assembly meeting tomorrow to discuss the details of the Opioid Awareness event.  Harry Wohlhandler will lead the discussion.
  2. The club voted to hold the RYLA event on March 23rd.
  3. The meeting on May 7th will be an evening meeting.
  4. Rotary District Meeting will be in Danvers, MA May 3-5th.
  5. Harry Wohlhandler and Pegg Monohan will attend the Rotary Leadership conference on March 16th in Concord, NH.
Jerry Branch and Bob Vecchiotti gave a presentation and led a discussion on how to attract and maintain members.  Suggestions included having members actively recruit individuals by asking friends and coworkers to attend meetings, boosting the MRC profile in the region, as well as having “fun” fund raising events such as a dinner dance and contests. Getting High School students involved with Rotary was also suggested.  Discussion about some of the challenges that service organizations like Rotary are having in attracting and sustaining membership on national and local levels followed.
Tomorrows meeting:
Opening Words:  Harry Wohlhandler
Hat Story:           Bob Vecchiotti