A letter of commendation from Dan McMillan
Hi Tom,
Reading Politico Playbook this morning I came across the following quote about what's gone wrong with politics in Tennessee:

“Today, Tennessee represents the grim culmination of the forces corroding state politics: the nationalization of elections and governance, the tribalism between the two parties, the collapse of local media and internet-accelerated siloing of news and the incentive structure wrought by extreme gerrymandering. Also, if we’re being honest, the transition from pragmatists anchored in their communities to partisans more fixated on what’s said online than at their local Rotary Club.”
It's no surprise that of my five speaking opportunities in NH two weeks ago the best by far was at the Grand Mondadnock Rotary Club. 
Thanks again to you, Bev and the other members of the club. I'll be in touch.